1. Necessity of Nasal Cleaning

        Air quality is declining due to air pollution: discharge of waste and poisonous gases form autoes or industries; germs, dusts allergens fulled in air etc. Our noses are therefore overloaded . Impairment of nasal function and onset of the associated nasal disease emerge more frequently For example, Allergic rhinitis and flu are the most common cases, which are caused by absorption of allergen or virus floating in the air and then adherence to nasal mucous membrane. Regularly cleaning your nasal cavity with nasal care products will make it easy to remove nasal mucus, crust, virus, bacteria, pollen or allergen . It can effectively keep the mucus membranes moist, increase ciliary movement, relieves nasal symptoms from allergic rhinitis or flu, decrease in medication dosage. EAACI and ERS have regard nasal saline wash as an important measure for nasal health care.

2. Professional Nasal Cleaning

The most common mistake opinion is to wash nasal cavities with household brine can solve many nasal problems that has been approved to be a wrong concept. CleaNote Nasalcare will help you to grasp the right concept. At a recent annual meeting on otorhinolaryngology in the America, some scientists already indicated that washing nose with common brine may hurt the nose. The fact is that household salt composed of many other additives which may not be suitable for nasl washing purpose. Otherwise the concentration of self-made household brine solution is not precise that may damage the nasal mucous membrane when washing nose with it. Supported by precise professional studies and perfect formula, CleaNote Nasalcare ensures a high safety and efficiency of nasal cleaning.

3. Scientific Nasal Cleaning

Nasal mucilage, which contains a sol layer and a gel layer, is the front line of respiratory system. Dusts, pollens, bacteria and allergens entering the nasal cavity are seized by mucilage. The movement of cilia is controlled by the gel layer. Cilia move toward nasopharynx to make the entered foreign matter be swallowed or disgorged. Therefore the function of cilia determines the function of nasal cavity. A lot of scientific studies have shown that using suitable nasal care liquid to clean nasal cavity will help the cilia to functionally move well by increasing the thickness of sol layer and decreasing the density of mucilage.

4. Mechanism of Impact of Nasal Cleaning

Mechanism of Impact of nasal cleaning: ¢Ù To remove nasal mucus and pathogens and restore the activities of nasal cilia; ¢Ú To reduce mucous membrane congestion to improve flow of breath ¢Û To dilute the concentration of inflammatory factors and moderate inflammation reaction; ¢Ü To keep moistening of nasal cavity. To spray and clean nose with CleaNote Nasalcare is an easy, economical and effective approach. It relieves nasal symptoms immediatly , lower the incidence of nasal infection, reduce the dosage and taking frequency of the medication, , that is benefit for ridding of drug resistance .

5. Security of Nasal Cleaning

To spray and clean nasal cavity with brine water is a immediate, safe, effective and side-effect-free healthcare approach. The ingredients of CleaNote Nasalcare are natural materials such as sodium chloride and mint.They are non-irritative and side-effect-free. Gentle spraywith CleaNote makes you comfortable and relaxation. CleaNote is flexible to use, for children only when supervision under adults.

6. How often should the nasal cavities be washed with CleaNote Nasalcare?

The frequency of washing nasal cavities with CleaNote is flexible. It can be applied anytime if you need .Generally, experts recommend using CleaNote twice a day as brushing teeth, one in the early morning after getting up and one in the evening before going to bed.