Are you troubled by polluted air?

      Are you embarrassed at repetitive/recurrent runny nose and sneezing?

      Or, are you disturbed by nasal congestion, itchiness or dryness?

      CleaNote Nasalcare is a brand-new nasal care product presenting you with unprecedented experience of relaxation and coziness in a more convenient, comfortable way. It enables you to enjoy the sweetness of Free Breath and Happy Ozone.

      Being honored with a state patent of invention, CleaNote Nasalcare was developed with precise professional study and perfect formula. Its main ingredients come from natural materials such as sodium chloride and mint. This makes it non-irritative and side-effect-free. It can effectively clean injurants in nasal cavity - virus, bacteria allergens, and nasal mucus or crust, also moisturize the nasal cavities, make ciliary moving more effectively, ensure your nasal comfort and prevent nasal diseases from happing.

      Bringing you freshness, CleaNote Nasalcare makes you full of vigor. It is delicate and easy to use and this makes it a necessity for living and travelling.

The advagtages of CleaNote Nasalcare:

  • Washing away dust, dirt & pollens; allergens, virus and bacteria ;
  • Washing away mucus and crust;
  • Increasing ciliary movement;
  • Keeping the mucus membranes moist;
  • Improving breathing;
  • Making you refresh;
  • Having no side-effect;
  • Convenient;
  • Helping to break off the habit of picking nose;
  • Charging low price – a bottle packed with 100 ml available for 800 presses;

Patent number :200510100530.4

Patent number :200710027480.0

G.M.P. Certificate:粤械注准20172640685

CleaNote Nasalcare applies to:

  • Patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, common cold, pollinosis etc;
  • Persons contacting dusts: policemen, teachers, drivers, firemen, construction workers, painters, etc.
  • Tourists;
  • mokers;
  • Persons presenting nasal dryness;
  • Anyone who wishes to breathe better……



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